YEOH Jayson

Stage : Lundi 6 et Mardi 7 avril 2020   – Mercredi 8 et Jeudi 9 avril 2020            Fiche de stage Jayson.pdf

Démonstration à l’Espace du Roudour : Dimanche 5 avril à 15 h 00

Pas de STAGE, ni DEMONSTRATION : pas de visa pour sortir de MALAISIE. Les oeuvres seront présentes.

‘Liberty’ is my main masterpiece series for 2019, which is also the sequel to my previous two series ’Accumulate’ and ‘Faintly Discernible’.

I have adopted the abstract style as the main approach for this series which was beyond the ‘half-abstract’ style used in my previous works.

In this series, I focused more on shape and colour combination and made use of the constructs of ‘dots’, ‘lines’ and ‘mass’ to forge an artwork of seemingly limited but ‘limitless’ space, which also embedded the essence of ‘soft’ and ‘strong’.

On the essence of ‘strong’, it reveals the defines of ‘shape’; while the ‘soft’ reflects the ‘edges’, which extend to the ‘empty spaces’. Under such an interchange, I carefully designed the appearance in explicit and implicit manners, and a sharp colour contrast to enhance the overall visual tension of the artwork.   

Besides the abovementioned elements of this creative art, ‘lines’ is also one of my ‘main weapons’ in this work. Therefore, it is not hard to spot them. Each of them are either fine or thick, straight or curved, some fast and some slow, of different appearance, across the picture, cutting through space, and even guided the viewers on how to perceive the picture, and finally capturing and retaining the attention. Therefore, this is the main reason why I used the ‘lines’; this is the more individualistic art language and approach which I have ever adopted out of all of my artworks.

Of course, I also emphasized on the beauty brought out of all of my abstract artworks. I believe that regardless of any abstract artworks, the artist needs to try their best to let the viewers find the work pleasing to their eyes but also to their hearts. Only through this way, the artwork can truly touch their hearts.