I, SRV Artist, son of S.Ramalingam and Radha Born in Thiruvannamalai,a Famous Holy Place,In The State of Tamilnadu in india .The siva temple attracts foreigners from many countries.The south india temples are famous for their uniqiue architecture, sculptures and paintings. I often used to go with my grand mother to the siva temple of Thiruvannamalai in my early age. As a young boy. I was very much attracted to the sculpture and painting. I was more involed and started to draw them .I continued to draw with more enthusasim along with my school and college studies. I studied B.Com.,  degree.Further I studied water colour painting in the college of arts, Pondicherry from 2011 to 2015 and obtained a certificate.Then I started drawing many water colour paintings. Some of them got awards. I present my water colour paintings to the exhibition and getting the appreciation of public and foreigners. In the paintings I depict the village and town life of people and their culture. By this I create happiness and interest to the people towards drawings. I do research to improve the value of water colour paintings and portraits to get the world recognition and appreciation. The awards and certificates are the evidence for my interest in the art of water colour paintings. I strongly hope I may please be selected to prove my love and talent towards the art.